Old man and the Sea

This Book is a famous one and not for simple reasons.

Reasons why you should read this book

1.It won Hemingway a Pulitzer prize for fiction
Any work that has won a pulitzer prize is worth a read. Atleast thats what the undits say
2. Its a novella and is of just a few pages above 100. You can brag about having read a hemnigway without really going through the pain of large chunks of papyrus
You can brag about it without going through too much pain
3.There are a very few characters. Saves time..
Again, this saves time. There is an old man, there is a kid, there is the sea and then there is a fish, or a group of fishes, but you will get through them.
4.It is a classic by all means
Hemingway has crafted a simple story, but the layers of philosophical interpretations is huge. Read it and you will have a new perspective on life. Some people complain its slow, but then you need to put in some effort yo get some benefits.
reasos why you should not read the book
1.You have read it already
In which case you should try other hemingway classics. Or try my list of books.
2.You are a pain in the ass and have too much to do already
This is a no brainer i guess.



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