Not quite the Baker Street Boys

Watching the latest episode of Sherlock Holmes Season 4 has been on the top of my priorities for the last few days and frankly you should not watch it. This season has been miserable to say the least. I dont know what many “binge-watchers found exciting about the season, but this season has failed to satisfy any kind of ,though i must confess the second episode promised a lot and all set for a grand finale in the “Final Solution.” The writers have tried to bring in a more human and friendly face of sherlock, which is one of the reasons the season sucked.

Reasons why you should not watch Season 4, Specifically episode 3 “Final Solution”
1.Sherlock is way too emotional now and is dependent on his friends more than ever. Good for him. Bad for the storyline.
2.John Watson has lost his character and seems more interested in Sherlock than his kid.
3.There is too much psychological trauma involved
Spoiler Alert-There is a red Beard and an yellow beard and there is a plane crash that is metaphorical. Isnt that enough to make you think twice before watching the crap.

4.There is no precise Final solution-Considering the fact that this might be the last season of Sherlock, I wished they would have come up with a more precise ending. Maybe Sherlock marrying Molly. who knows.

5.Things are personal this time round



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