Why heroes suck 

Going through the current stock of cinema that my friends have been suggesting me, The Avengers, The Civil war, blah blah, All the superhero movies, I was hugely disappointed by just one fact. None of these heroes seemed like they were ever defeated or could ever face something close enough to a defeat. None of them seemed to have ever experienced fear or a lack of confidence. None of them can ever be in a point of no return, from where they must face inner demons to ultimately become someone better or worse. There is no change in the character as a result of the story. 

This culture of hero worship, when it permeates into the public sphere can be dangerous. You are blindly standing for someone because you believe that the person would do good for you. This tendancy to worship means that a person cannot be questioned, or rather should not be questioned. Following an ideal blindly, dogmatically is a dangerous trend and when you put a face to that dogmatic approach you get an even more dangerous situation. 

Anyone and anything should be questionable in an ideal democracy. The right to protest against trump freely even after his appointment as the president of America, points to the freedom that exists in the country to this point. The right to express emotions must not be swayed by a blind support for ideals or people. The dependence on an ideal male image should stop for the betterment of the world.


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