Why Aleppo Can’t stop crying?


In a war involving multiple foreign and a multitude of regional forces, there tends to arise the issue of forgetting and missing key trails that lead and kindled the actual war. Syria has been burning, death is imminent and everywhere, freedom has been taken over by chaos, women and children most affected, men waging a war which seems to have no end. A look back on how this war started is essential to understand how and why it would end, if it would ever end.

Basheer, as the leader of Syria, accused as being a dictator and a man who has caused humanitarian violations helmed the country and A certain power by the name of Free Syrian Army(FSA) decides to tumble him. A very genuine and wanted need of the people, as projected by the group, gradually gained support from the U.S, with the Arab Spring in the foreground. The free Syrian Army was seen by Obama, John Kerry and his diplomatic wonder heads as an adversary to topple the dictatorial regiment of Basheer and ofcourse, a strong kick to the Russian support of Basheer. Setting up a proxy government and thereby spreading the gospel of democracy to the very interiors of Syria and Iraq, killing of a brutal regiment of autocracy and thereby the birth of a new nation. This is exactly what Obama wanted and this is exactly what he succeeded in getting, albeit a state, that is rogue, filled with multiple forces whose agendas and ideologies tend to shift, turn and acquire amoebic proportions. The birth of ISIS was aided by actions of the Obama administration that proposed and supported the Free Syrian Army.

The supply of weapons and tactical support to the FSA,done through CIA and other shady ways, started reaching the ISIS which was at that point nothing more than factions of violent islamic groups which were lead by former generals of Saddam’s army. As stated earlier, factions tend to break, mingle, join. FSA suddenly ceased to exist. There was now only ISIS. The realisation might not have stuck Obama at first. But the noble peace prize winner and the only American president in the history of the world to have been engaged in war for the entire tenure was now at a point where he had to find another force to support, another team of killers who can fight both the brutal regiment of Basheer and the bloodthirsty Islamic State. Waiting for an opportunity were the Kurds and so leapt in Obama.

With no time to waste, Obama and John Kerry make yet another fatal mistake. They supply Kurds with weapons and training, creating the ground for yet another faction of fighters. The Kurds fight ISIS, The Kurds fight Basheer. The Kurds now want a Kurdistan. They have already started making claims for their own country. With weapons in hand, they can surely make a strong claim for the same. The ISIS may have weakened. They might not make it back soon in Syria. But, Basheer would now have to face the trouble with Kurds before he can settle down and rule his country.

The truth of the fact is that there seems to be no way that these factions and groups would die down. The scenario is very much similar in Libya and Iraq. The Arab spring might have been a dream for the world. Death of dictators and the birth of democracy was the dream that many people had in mind. But when the head of a state dies, there ensues chaos, especially one which has for years been under the same power. Creating a proxy government and conducting elections might seem like the logical thing to do. But looking at history and experiences, it is of utmost importance for the welfare of the world that america abstain from such actions in future. It is here that the thought of Trump seems most welcome. It is better to stay out of Aleppo and let Basheer deal with his country. Everything else has failed so far.


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