Taking Cinema to the world

Whenever such a discussion comes up, I usually point to people what Anurag Kashyap has said:” To go Global, Go Local .“

The line captures everything that we need to know about creating a global audience for cinema. The more closer our cinema is to our cultural fabric and the better we succeed in capturing the nuances that make our land different from others, the greater would be our success in reaching out. People at my place, Kerala, usually tell me that such a dream is an atrocity in itself and they always point to me that failure would be the end result. I usually tell them about people like Kurasowa who continued making films close to his heart and succeeded in having a following of his own. It is necessary to keep making films that portray the reality, without focussing on the reality alone. I am not a fan of making films way too real in that I believe a film should have an interesting narrative and not just bore the audience. If it was life that we intended to capture as it is, then simply recording a day from beginning to end as it is would constitute cinema. Ofcourse, Life is the best reference for many facets of cinema. But Utilising editing and narrative to create the vastness of life within the hundred odd minutes is a skill I believe in. Such a skilled individual can contribute something that would stand the test of time.

I am, ofcourse, not cutting off documentary features as a lesser art form. They too rely on narrative to make the feature interesting.I just think that the word ‘real’ and ‘natural’ have attained more value attached to them than ‘narrative’ and ‘aesthetics.’



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