My Personal War

There is a war inside me, a battle between freedom to choose and the desire to succeed. I chose my freedom to do and live and write the way I want, the way my heart craves, the way I believe is the right way for me. Just like any other artist, my choice is selfish. I do not love everything that the people around me endorse or love. Born in the southernmost part of the country, my state which is called Kerala, literally meaning Land of coconuts is full of people who would say it is Gods own country. But for me, a person who is dearly in doubt with the very notion of an intelligent being of power influencing the birth, growth, life, death and every important chapter In a being’s life, I wish to think that my place is beautiful despite the multitude of problems and deficiencies affecting my fellow Keralites.


So why deny God? I am asked this question all the time. The point is the longer I think about it, the further I move away from the absurdity of believing in an all-knowing and all-powerful being, who


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